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We are building the 'Tisa app' to make delivery service easy between the restaurant, the customer and the delivery man, and we are opening new delivery job opportunities

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1- If you need an order, you have to make a call to the delivery company, and this takes time to search for the price of the order and determine the sufficient period for delivery. that thing cost money for make the call and take long time between you and the delivery support
2 - The delivery service cannot filter the real customer from the non-real ....
3 - The delivery service cannot accommodate more than 5 orders at the same time, it is very difficult and the bills cannot be saved for each month or year, so this matter is very complicated with the passage of time
4 - The delivery service cannot synchronize orders with the cyclists closest to the restaurants to fulfill the order in the shortest time possible


1 - build an application who has foods by restaurant and categories can everyone select the specific order
2 - the client can recommend something in favorite
3 - the client can order something by date and time
4 - the delivery company can see the orders real time and easy to manage between them

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