Dedicated software development team services

Almoussaid offers the dedicated software development team service for those of our customers who want complete control of the development process, as well as for those who want to outsource the project management to us.

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Reducing software development costs

Eliminate overheads with an external team.
The in-house project team requires extra expenses that include rent, infrastructure, insurance, bonuses, and more. We’ll manage your overheads while you focus on your product’s success.

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Gaining specific expertise

Only qualified specialists to join your team.
If you need to leverage your in-house resources with specific expertise – frontend, backend development, QA, or UX/UI design, we are ready to apply the best practices around major domains.

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Controlling your project deliverables

Agile approach to controlling your project.
After you start working with our team, you can be sure they’ll be available as long as you need them, from phase 0 to the support stage, maximizing your project’s profits, as needed.

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